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How to determine file size?

Optimum File size: 17 inches wide by 72 dpi

  • Open Photoshop
  • Browse for file under “File” then “Browse” or “Open”… to open file.
  • Always a good idea to “duplicate” your image before making changes. Go to “Image” then “duplicate” The file will have a filename followed by “-copy”…you can close the original and “save as” the copy with a new name.. preferably “lastname#-title.jpg.
  • Go to “Image” then “Image Size.” A jpg is a compressed file. The exploded size is expressed in Megabytes on the top of the Image size Pop-up window…right next to  Pixel Dimensions  EXAMPLE   5.98M is 5.98 Megabytes.
  • Resize. Reduce jpg size by either changing the pixels, the size in inches, or the resolution. For example, a large jpg may be 144 or 300 DPI… changing the dpi to 72 will reduce the size of the file.
  • Also, changing the dimensions of the jpg to less “inches” (an option pull down right next to width box) will reduce the file size.
  • If the Pixcel Dimention on the top of the “Image Size” pop-up reads less that 4M (exploded size), the jpg (compressed file) will be under 1M (file size preferred by SPCARTS).

How to change a filename?

  • In Photoshop… under “File” go to “Save As”. Pay attention to where you are saving the file.
  • in the Windows Explorer (the file manager, not Internet Explorer), browse until you find the file, right click the mouse, choose  “Rename”  type in the new file name.. for SPCARTS, “lastname-title.jpg”  Be sure there is still a .jpg, extension still on the filename. click anywhere off the file and the name change will take place.
  • If file extensions are not visible on your file manager, In the “Windows Explorer” (file manager), click on  “Organize” go to “Folder Options”, “View” and uncheck the box for “Hide extensions for known file types”

How to burn files to a CD?
Insert the CD… CD should “spin up”… hit “open folder to view files”…You are now looking at the directory of the CD (files, folders on the CD) Now go to Start, Accessories, Windows Explorer and open a window. Browse till you find the jpg files prepared for SPCARTS… Click and drag to the CD directory window… follow the prompt or go to burn to CD. To choose multiple files to drag to the CD window, hold down the “control key” and make multiple selections… while holding the left mouse button down.. drag the files to the CD directory window or drag one at a time. It is always a good idea to check to see if files have been burned to the cd. Close all windows, open the cd drive… then insert agai and let the cd “spin up”. Click on “open folder to view files”

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